Welcome to my resources for academics page, where I share products, tools, websites that have helped me so far and that I recommend. There are a few affiliate links (so if you buy anything, you might be buying me a beer!), but I only recommend resources I really use.


There are a few important concepts in productivity, including GTD (getting things done), deep work and building habits. Below are my favorite resources.




 My own system

I use Todoist, Evernote, Google Calendar and Habitica to implement these concepts. Here are a few posts on this:


I also regularly share resources that I find helpful on my Habits & Productivity Pinterest board


Online presence

Having an active online presence has helped me a lot as an early career researcher.


I buy hosting and domains at VersioWordPress is the platform you see on this website. It’s free and together with the tools at Versio, it’s easy and quick to set up. Here are my blog posts about this:


I started using Twitter during my postdoc and regretted not doing it earlier. There is a great community of academics out there.  I made a “Resources for PhDs” Twitter list where you can find great accounts to follow.




Advice for faculty

Advice for PhD students

My own advice

Find more articles on my Pinterest board about academia:


Failure is very normal in academia. More resources are coming soon, but for now check out my How I Fail series where other researchers talk about their failure/rejection experiences.



Academia is not always a friendly place so it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. There’s of course sleeping enough, eating healthy and exercising. Beyond that, I have found the following strategies to be helpful (please note these are not a substitute for seeing a professional):

  • Limiting social media
  • Meditation. There are many apps, I use Headspace.
  • Journaling. Again, lots of apps, but I do this in Evernote.
  • Minimalism and slow/simple living

A few resources to with more information:

More inspiration on my Pinterest boards:



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