How to recycle your fabric poster (part 2)

It’s been two months since I’ve recycled 1.25 fabric posters into a skirt and I wanted to share a few updates.

It’s great for your analytics

It’s the most popular post I have written, and in the last quarter it even surpassed the all-time-popular How I Fail interview with Hal Daumé III.


I also discovered I don’t really understand how to use Twitter Analytics – is there a list of “all time popular” tweets? But compared to my other tweets in June 2017, the tweet about the blog post seems quite popular:


There are lots of other things you could do!

Here’s Rolf Hut and his suit from posters, and actually how I found out about REpost_poster (the company that created my skirt)!

I also saw pillows, bags and other accessories somewhere in my Twitter feed – if you are the owner of any of those, please share the tweet and I’ll add it here!

There are also rumours about a lab coat but it has not been tracked down yet. Please join the search and RT!



You can wash it!

Because the skirt needed a bit more than poster, I had some leftover “scraps”, which I decided to use to investigate what happens when you wash the poster fabric. Since it was an experiment anyway, I thought I’d raise the level of difficulty with sriracha and garlic sauce – the first things I saw in the kitchen I thought would be difficult to get out of white fabric.

These made some terrible stains. I also added coffee, since that’s what I’m most likely to spill on myself. I didn’t have any red wine in the house, but I could try that in a next experiment if there is interest.


Into the washing machine it goes! This is the normal cycle I use for all my clothes, 40 degrees Celcius, with regular color detergent.

Hmm, is there supposed to be this much foam? I guess I never actually wash just one thing at a time OR watch the washing machine intently while it does its job.

All good again! At first I could still see hints of the sriracha, but after drying, these disappeared.

So, now I can safely bring the skirt with me to the next conference – MICCAI in Quebec City, Canada in September!


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