Event archive

21 February 2018: Invited talk at King’s College London, UK

26 January 2018: Invited talk at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


20 December 2017: Invited talk at TiCC colloquium, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

13 November 2017: Invited talk at Predictive Radiology in Precision Medicine workshop, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

10-14 September 2017: MICCAI 2017, LABELS workshop in Quebec City, Canada

June 2017: Talk on label stability in multiple instance learning at Benelearn 2017

March 2017: Poster on our crowdsourcing work at the Dutch ICT Research conference, ICT.Open

17th March 2017: Talk in the seminar of the Data Mining group at Eindhoven University of Technology

7th February 2017: Talk about crowdsourcing airway annotations at the Dutch forum for Games Research


23rd November 2016: Talk at The Image Section, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

11th November 2016: Fall meeting of the Dutch society of Pattern Recognition with keynotes by Joaquin Vanschoren, Diana Mateus and Julian de Wit.

29th of May 2016: Spring meeting of the Dutch society on Pattern Recognition, with keynotes by Lena Maier-Hein and Thorsten Joachims


30th September 2015: I am giving a talk about my work on multiple instance learning at HCI at the University of Heidelberg

18th September 2015: I am giving a talk about learning with less labels at the symposium of the Netherlands Forum for Biomedical Image Analysis (NFBIA)

10th July 2015: I’m co-organizing the second workshop on Features and Structures (FEAST) at the International Conference on Machine Learning in Lille, France