New Year

I officially started my PhD on the 1st of January 2011 (at least, this is what it says in my contract… 1st of January was in fact a Saturday, so I did not do anything until the 3rd). A New Year for me therefore also means a new PhD year. At the end of last year, I already had an evaluation of my first year. However, all employees also have yearly job evaluations, and I had mine just recently. So although my “second year” really started 2 months ago, I still have the feeling it just started.

I never do “real” New Year’s resolutions because I think you can decide what you want to do at any moment in time. I do have some resolutions now, following the last evaluation. For the first time, I actually wrote down some sort of plan for the next year, and for the rest of the PhD. It is a very vague plan, but it is still a plan! My resolution now is to improve this plan and follow it, and hope that this will help me use my time more effectively.

My plan for March is to submit a paper to ICPR and to follow a presentation course I signed up for recently. These are more or less “easy” things to plan. I am completely sure how to plan “working on ideas”, especially how to get from an idea to something that I can plan (such as experiments). Maybe I should include it in my plan that I should find this out 🙂

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