Usually my introductions start with “Multiple Instance Learning extends traditional  supervised learning methods in order to learn from objects that are described by a set (bag) of feature vectors (instances), rather than a single feature vector only.”. Although that is already a hint as to what I might (will? should?) be blogging about, a slightly different introduction is in order.

While doing my MSc thesis, I started a blog for my more… scientific thoughts. My degree was followed by doing a PhD, with even more scientific thoughts, but shamefully, much less blog posts. Then at some point I came across this blog and thought: “This is how it should be done! I have to post more often”. The fact that I’m writing here is a little hint that that didn’t happen…

Now I have some new inspiration, all thanks to Noeska Smit. I’m almost precisely half way through my PhD (at least, my contract started on 1/1/2011) so it’s not too late! I’m planning to catch up on the past two years first and then take it from there 🙂

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