Get help / help others travelling for research!

Stephanie McKellop recently tweeted about problems researchers can experience when travelling for research, and offering to help:

One problem is of course, money, and paying for travel – hence hosting somebody or helping them find cheaper accommodation. But there is also just being hesitant about going to a place for the first time, because it can take a lot of energy and/or feel unsafe. Or maybe you have an extra day and could give a research talk.

I thought this was a great idea that could be helpful to many, and that many others would want to help. This called for a hashtag – something like #icanhazpdf, where you can ask others for help in getting access to a paywalled PDF. I asked a few of the awesome people  I follow on Twitter (@raulpacheco, @EllieMackin, @steph_coen, @Shawpsych, @nataliematosin and of course @McKellogs – go follow them now!), and we quickly converged to #icanhazcouch (if you are travelling) and #ihazcouch (if you could help others).

Here’s a start:


Edit: Stephanie McKellop offered to help if you don’t have Twitter or don’t want to share your details, you can reach Stephanie via stemck AT

Edit #2: Annemieke van den Dool created a Google doc to have an easy overview of the people offering help (i.e. #ihazcouch), you can find it here. If you can help with keeping the document updated, please let us know. 



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