1. Thanks to you trying out focus@will

    I think I might already be addicted (after a few minutes) — I’m always searching for a working soundtrack to suit my current state, and this seems to fix that problem very well. Thank you!

    By the way: Have you considered a search box on your site? I remembered that you had this post, but to find it I had to resort to site:veronikach.com google searches, something not all users will use that readily.

    • Veronika

      Awesome! I adopted it very quickly as well. I do like listening to something, but couldn’t listen to “normal” music, so focus @ will is perfect. I wish they had a non-email referral program, I believe I’m redirecting quite a few people there 🙂

      I’ll get on the search thing right away, faulty assumption that people wouldn’t use it! Thanks!

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