Welcome to my resources section, a list of products, tools, websites that have helped me so far and that I recommend. The links to books on Amazon are affiliate links, so if you buy any, you will be buying me a beer. Cheers!



There are a few important concepts in productivity, for example:

I often listen to podcasts which discuss these concepts and how to implement them:


For researchers specifically, the following might be helpful:

My own posts about this:


Building good habits is an awesome way to become more productive, healthy, or anything else you would like to achieve. This can be done with habit trackers such as Habitica. Here are some blog posts I enjoyed:

Here is how I use Habitica:

Website is where I buy domains and website hosting. WordPress is the platform you see on this website. It’s free and together with the tools at Versio, it’s easy and quick to set up. Here are my blog posts about this:



For lots of general useful advice during and after a PhD, I made a “Resources for PhDs” Twitter list where you can find great accounts to follow. To learn from experiences of others, you might also like these blog series:

Or these podcasts:


Advice for PhD students

Advice for new faculty


This page is going to be updated as I compile other resources I’ve found helpful. Next to the sections already here, I’m planning to add sections on dealing with overwhelm and imposter syndrome. If you want to hear when I update this page, sign up for my newsletter (via MailChimp, no spam and you can always unsubscribe):