Updates (PhD year 2)

To avoid doing a huge, but not that accurate overview at the end of this year (if this website is still alive then ;)) I thought I´d give a few updates on what has been happening the last two months.

Our paper ¨Combining Instance Information to Classify Bags¨ has been accepted at Multiple Classifier Systems 2013! The venue is Nanjing, China, so I´m not sure I will be able to go myself (both in terms of time and budget). I did apply for scholarships in order to at least help the budget part 🙂

Remember the paper Yenisel (PhD student in Cuba) and I were writing in ShareLateX? It has been submitted to the SIMBAD workshop in York, United Kingdom. Notifications are due at the end of March. It would be great to go, and this time actually properly attend the workshop (as opposed to the 2011 edition when I had a fever the whole time).

At the end of January me and a few colleagues went to Copenhagen to attend the inaugural lecture (and party) of one of my supervisors. We decided to use the opportunity to see a bit of the city as well, so I arranged an apartment for us for a few days. An apartment is just so much better than a hotel when traveling in a group! It´s cheaper AND you get a living room where you can work and/or have a drink together 🙂 Too bad conferences are sometimes held in places where this is not a real possibility.

Another important event in Copenhagen was a meeting with Aasa Feragen, who is currently working at the Machine Learning and Computational Biology Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany. I will visit her and the group in March to discuss possible future collaboration. I will also meet a few people from other groups who are doing awesome research. I hope this can somewhat excuse irregular blog posts around that time, but I will definitely write more about this when I return.

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