9 more gift ideas for academics

Following the success of last year’s gifts for academics post, here are a few more fresh ideas for gifts!

1. A poster of a city

For those academics who move cities or even countries for a new job, this could be a simple way to remind them of their favorite place or city. Create your own or get one via Mapiful or Axis Maps (h/t @mdekstrand)

2. A book holder

For more efficient reading and writing, as seen on @raulpacheco‘s Twitter

Get one at bookhug.com or go for one of the options from Amazon:


3. Travel containers

I swear by HumanGear GoTubb and GoToob:

Perfect for conference travel with a carry-on! If you want to be nerdier, get some test tubes for the same purpose, as recommended by @babyattachmode.

4. Tile

Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device, great for keeping track of your keys, bag or the even your stapler that somebody borrowed “just for a second”.


5. Codenames board game

It’s the best board game ever! I found out about it through Felienne and am obsessed with it. There are different versions, but I really like the “pictures” one.

6. Clothes with pockets

For your academic friends who wear dresses and skirts.  It’s a conspiracy I could just start believing, but it’s very difficult to find women’s clothing with pockets. Luckily more and more businesses are realizing this, here are a few options:

7.  Wineglasses

Good for wine, but also good for feeling like a real adult, when you have a whole set of matching wineglasses that maybe are even not from IKEA.
If you want to splurge, try these Tenure wineglasses spotted by @doc_becca:

8. Gift of Headspace

Although I was skeptical at first, Headspace has been very helpful for me – I would definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with any sort of stress. You could just get a month subscription to start with to see if the recepient of the gift is into it.


9. On Writing Well

Because we all should be writing.


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