1. Alex K

    Veronika, thank you for sharing the list! 🙌
    Also try this one https://freeter.io – it enables to collect all things you need to work on your project(s) in one place. Everything is grouped by projects and workflows, and accessible in a second with a simple Ctrl (or Cmd) + Shift + F key press. It helps to both stay focused on one specific project/workflow and easily switch between them. Disclaimer: I’m a maker and active user of it. Hope you like Freeter and include it into your next list 🙂

    • Veronika

      Thanks, glad you like it! That looks pretty advanced – not sure it’s for me at the moment, but looks like a great tool for developers.

  2. […] A list of blog post ideas in Evernote, so that I’m never confronted with the “oh no, I “need” to write a post, what should it be about?” question. This would frequently end up in posts like “It’s been so busy lately, I’m not sure what to write about” which are not interesting to write or to read. […]

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