Shadow CV

I have written about my shadow CV or CV of failure before in blog posts, for example here. The post features my CV of failures as it was at that point in time. However, rather than updating that CV would mean it is “out of sync” with the accompanying blog post. Instead, on this page I have a running CV of failures.


Positions I didn’t get

2016 (as a postdoc)

  • Lecturer at Dundee University, United Kingdom. Invited to interview, but didn’t get an offer.
  • Lecturer at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. Invited to interview, but didn’t get an offer.
  • Fellowship (assistant professor), Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Application was desk rejected, I successfully appealed this, but it was rejected afterwards.

Grants, awards

2017- (as tenure track faculty)

  • NWO Veni, EUR 250K for 3 years of research. Rejected after review, but before interviews.
  • eScience grant, EUR 250K funding for a PhD student or postdoc

2015-2016 (as postdoc)

  • LNVH travel scholarship for a research visit
  • DKFZ fellowship, funding for 2 years postdoc at DKFZ
  • NWO Rubicon, EUR 120K funding for 2 years postdoc abroad.
  • Erasmus MC pilot project, EUR 50K funding for a year postdoc.
  • STW Open Mind Award, EUR 50K funding for a year postdoc. Made it to the top 15 (but not top 3) of 132 applicants.
  • Erasmus MC pilot project (co-applicant).

2011-2014 (as PhD student)

  • Anita Borg scholarship 2014. Third time’s the charm, right? No.
  • EMBO short-term fellowship. Funding for 3-month internship
  • McKinsey fellowship. Funding for 3-month internship
  • Anita Borg scholarship 2013
  • Anita Borg scholarship 2012


Rejected papers

This list does not include the “major revision” recommendations which were successful, so the list of initial rejections is longer.

2017- (as tenure track faculty)

  • Paper at MICCAI (first author). Later published at MICCAI LABELS workshop.
  • Paper at Physics in Medicine and Biology (second author).
  • Paper at Medical Image Analysis (first author)

2015-2016 (as postdoc)

  • Two papers at MICCAI (both as first author).
  • Paper at MICCAI MLMI workshop (first author). Published at ISBI 2016.
  • Paper at IEEE TPAMI (second author). Published in Pattern Recognition.
  • Paper at Medical Physics (second author).
  • Paper at IEEE TMI (first author). Published in JBHI
  • Paper at IPMI 2015 (first author). Published at MICCAI 2015.

2011-2014 (as PhD student)

  • Paper at MICCAI 2014 (first author). Published at MICCAI MLMI 2014 workshop.
  • Paper at Pattern Recognition Letters. After appeal published at Pattern Recognition Letters.
  • Paper at Pattern Recognition. Not published.
  • Paper at ICPR 2012 (second author). Not published.


  • Organizing a social media tutorial at MICCAI 2018
  • Poster presentation at meeting of the Royal Society on human and computer vision
  • Organizing a workshop at ECCV 2016
  • Joining the organizing commitee of WiML 2015