I am an assistant professor at the Medical Image Analysis group at Eindhoven University of Technology. Before this I was a postdoc at the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center. Before that, I was a PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Laboratory, Delft University of Technology.

My work focuses on machine learning for medical image analysis, such as detecting the lung disease COPD. I am also interested in learning with weak labels, multiple instance learning, non-metric similarities and crowdsourcing.

Another project is my blog, where I try to improve the experiences that others have in academia by sharing my own experiences as a PhD student and a postdoc. Some popular posts are:

If you are interested in any of these topics, have a question about a publication etc, please get in touch!

Recent news

- December 2016: Our survey on multiple instance learning is now available on arXiv. Hats off to Marc-André Carbonneau who did most of the work!
- December 2016: My tudelft.nl and erasmusmc.nl email addresses will soon no longer be active, please use v.cheplygina[at]tue.nl instead
- November 2016: I’m excited to announce that I am joining the Medical Image Analysis group at Eindhoven University of Technology as an assistant professor from February 2017. My thoughts about this are here
- 23rd November 2016: I am visiting lots of awesome people and giving a talk at The Image Section, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
- 11th November 2016: I’m organizing the fall meeting of the Dutch society of Pattern Recognition with keynotes by Joaquin Vanschoren, Diana Mateus and [Read more...]
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